Week 9

  • Tuesday: 4.1 miles @ 10:12/mi + glute/hip strength training
  • Wednesday: 7.3 miles @9:48/mi
  • Thursday: 4.3 miles @10:09/mi + glute/hip strength training
  • Sunday: 13.5 miles @9:14/mi – notes: I got a Half Marathon PR thanks to Robert’s pacing! I hydrated with 2 Hammer Endurolytes Fizz tabs, plus 3 Clif Shotbloks (w/ caffeine) before the run, 3 at mile 5, and 3 at mile 10.

Total miles ran: 29.2 miles

I somehow came through this week feeling stronger and faster. No idea exactly how but I think the Hammer Tissue Rejuvenitor I’ve been taking along with iron is really helping. I also took some running tips from Meb (I added more knee lift) and I think it’s really helping me with my stride, pace, and foot landing (much less pain this week). Thanks Meb!

I really like my new Bia watch but something wonky is going on with it. On Saturday’s run it reported that I was at .25 miles just after I started and gave me a pace of something like 7:30/mile for the first mile  (which I know is impossible for me). Then, yesterday I ran my usual 4.2 mile route and it added over .25 miles and my pace was all over the place. The map, at times, shows me nearly a full long block from where I was actually running. I guess if it’s making me look like I’m running faster and longer I’ll be more positive?? I dunno.

This upcoming week is intimidating. I’ve got my first mid-week 8 mile “race pace” run and 17 miles this weekend. I can’t decide if I should push the pace or just slog it out on that one.

Week 8

  • Tuesday: 4.2 miles @ 10:40/mi + strength – notes: I started wearing a new pair of Superfeet green inserts and my arches are happier!
  • Wednesday: 7.1 miles @10:39/mi  – notes: I took a steeper route home via Wallingford and Greenlake (vs. Burke-Gilman). The weather was decent and this week’s midweek run was much better than last week’s horrorfest.
  • Thursday: 4.2 miles @10:20/mi + strength
  • Saturday: 15.2 miles @10:27/mi – notes: I did it! I did get a mild cramp in  my right butt cheek around mile 14 and have had some sciatic pain since but overall it wasn’t a bad run. Nutrition included Generation UCAN powdered SuperStarch* 30 minutes pre-run (130 calories), 4 Gu Chomps at mile 5 (90 calories), 3 Clif Shot Bloks w/ caffeine at mile 10 (100 calories), and 2 Hammer Endurolytes fizz tablets drunk (20 calories). I think I do better with regular sodium/sugar intake during exercise vs. a carby snack (like a bagel with jelly) before a run.
  • Sunday: Restorative yoga and foam rolling

Total miles ran: 30.8

*I ordered a sample pack of Generation UCAN powdered drink mixes. It’s pretty expensive stuff so I don’t want to buy it unless it blows me over. I didn’t notice any extra energy after one trial but I’ll give it 3 more tries (I have 3 more samples). 

General notes:

Last Friday was my 46th birthday and I got a few great running related gifts.

I got a super cool BIA sports watch. I love the wrist strap and the technology (workouts are uploaded wirelessly). Also, it’ll work with my Garmin heart rate monitor. The coolest thing is it has an SOS button in case I get chased by wolves or, you know, trip and break my leg. I handed my wonky TomTom GPS watch over to Robert.

I also got a HydraQuiver. Last week I was complaining about my Amphipod belt and Robert took note. I used the HydraQuiver during my 15 miler and it was wonderful. I barely knew it was there.

I’m supposed to race a half marathon this upcoming weekend as part of my training plan but there isn’t one in town that I’m aware of so Robert has agreed to pace me. I know it pains him to run that slow.

Final note: I’m starving and I’m eating all the stuff.

Sunriver Half Marathon photos

I keep meaning to post the photos from the Sunriver Half I ran last labor day.

This first photo was taken around mile 7:

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.30.44 AM

And this one was taken just before the finish:

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.30.51 AM

It looks like I paced this guy for at least half the race. We also dressed alike. Just a semi-interesting tidbit.

Week 7

  • Monday: Jillian Michaels + static lunges and squats
  • Tuesday: 4.1 miles @ 9:47/mi
  • Wednesday: 7.1 miles @9:37/mi – notes: Ran via my route from work to home. It’s relatively flat until the last few miles when I leave the Burke-Gilman trail. Once I left the trail all hell broke lose. Darkness, rain, traffic, more traffic, near misses with traffic, bad patches of sidewalk, etc… Could not wait to be done! Had some pain in my left arch.
  • Thursday: 4.2 miles @10:50/mi + Jillian Michaels – notes: right arch pain during all inclines, more rain, more grumpiness!
  • Saturday: 14.4 miles @10:19/mi - notes: left arch pain and later on ball of foot pain in both feet. Fortunately my foot issues didn’t really slow me down. I’m waiting for my podiatry referral to arrive so I can get my feet analyzed to see what’s going on (hurry up!). I’m pretty frustrated since everything else feels great (hips, legs, knees). On the plus side I had absolutely no problems recovering from this run (I felt tip-top after I popped out of the shower).
  • Sunday: Restorative yoga and foam rolling

Total miles ran: 29.8

General notes:

I am hating my Amphipod hydration belt. It’s worked well for me on long runs in the past but lately it keeps riding up during the later miles when my water bottle gets lighter. It has occurred to me that my figure might be morphing into a SpongeBob shape aka I’m shaped like a square and have no waist. My belt is an older version that doesn’t have stretch. I can either replace it w/ a stretch version or go with something completely different. In a perfect world someone would hand me a drink every 2 miles and I wouldn’t need to fuss over this.

For my 14 miler I ate 3 Clif Shot Bloks just before I headed out, ate another 3 at mile 5, and a caffeinated Clif Shot Gel at mile 10 (boring tidbit: I find the Clif gel package super sharp/rigid compared to Gu’s gel package… I have cuts on the corners of my mouth from it). I also sipped Hammer Endurolytes Fizz (1.5 tablets/16oz. bottle). It was the perfect amount of nutrition and hydration for this particular run.

Next week I have a 15 miler on the schedule. New territory! My feet are nervous.

Week 6

My blog posts are super boring. Eh, whatever.

  • Tuesday: 3.1 miles  plus Jillian Michaels (Jillian time is The Dot’s favorite time to hang out with me; she fills me in on all the latest Pretty Little Liars happenings while we do Bear Crawls). notes: My TomTom watch lost its data AGAIN. The screen just went blank and my entire run disappeared.
  • Wednesday: 6.1 miles – notes: I drank a Starbucks refresher before the run and felt really good and ended up running too fast (about 30 seconds/mile faster than I planned) and my body didn’t react well. I got dehydrated and ended up with a 2 day headache. 
  • Thursday: 3.4 miles plus Jillian Michaels
  • Saturday: Our 26th Anniversary! We went to Belgianfest and then stayed overnight at Inn at The Market. Dinner was at Cha:n (Korean fusion small plates yum), drinks at Radiator Whiskey, and brunch the following morning at Cafe Campagne. Perfect!
  • Sunday: 9.5 miles  - notes: Another run lost on my TomTom watch. I did a factory reset on Monday and if it does it again it’s getting returned. Not happy!! I require maps and stats!!! I didn’t wear my New Balance arch supports and that was a big mistake. My left arch killed me for more than half the run. 
  • Also on Sunday: Super bowl! We went to Chuck’s with The Dot. Despite the Seahawks loss, it was a fun game to watch and a fun place to hang out with a mellow group of fans. Chuck was so nervous he kept pouring himself little tasters of beer and pouring everyone else little tasters as well. We had plenty of delicious beer and delicious wraps from Spice on Curve food truck as well. I think going to Chuck’s will be our new football watching tradition. That is if I’m still into football in the future. I’m kind of a meh fan.

Total miles ran: 22.1

Hey, check out my shoes (and Vespa). The ones on the left have 4 miles on them. The ones in the middle have 161 miles on them and the ones on the right have 386 miles on them. The oldest ones are ready for retirement. You can see that I oversupinate (aka underpronate) by the wear pattern.

Week 5

  • Monday: 3.4 miles  - notes: holiday so daylight running!
  • Tuesday: Jillian Michaels
  • Wednesday: 5.9 miles – notes: for some odd reason my new TomTom watch died right after I found a signal so I used Strava on my iPhone. The Strava iPhone app worked very well and used very little battery!
  • Thursday: 3.2 miles plus Jillian Michaels  notes: I did a little hill work on this run just to make time go by quicker. For some odd reason these 3 milers are boring me to death.
  • Saturday: 12.3 miles  - notes: I had planned on a slightly different route but had to head home to pee halfway through which put me in direct line with a steep up and down hill to get to where I needed to be (67th on Phinney Ridge). I’d already planned to make this a hilly run but even with the “bonus” 67th hill added in I only managed 666ft. I never thought I’d have so much trouble finding hills in Seattle. Health note: The sesamoid bone in my right big toe joint has been bugging me on long runs. It might be time to check back with my podiatrist. 
  • Sunday: Yard work

Total miles ran: 24.7

Week 4

  • Tuesday: 3.4 miles followed by Jillian Michaels
  • Wednesday: 6.2 miles – notes: Another lunch time pace run. I skipped the hills because I wasn’t feeling very energetic and was having a little hip/hamstring pain (probably sciatic stuff). I hated every minute of this run (9:17 pace). Later that evening I did some yoga and foam rolling and the hip issue worked itself out. I was starting to worry!
  • Thursday: Tig Notaro at The Neptune with The Dot. Fun!
  • Friday: 3.4 miles  notes: I had the day off since it was The Boy’s last day in town. After my slow, easy run I ate 2 Dick’s cheeseburgers while The Boy and I walked and talk and enjoyed each others company.
  • Saturday: 11.1 miles  - notes: I ran up 66th again around mile 8. Unlike last time, this time wasn’t so bad. I didn’t feel like I had to barf and I had tons more energy on this run than on my 2 previous 6 milers. I also threw in a little bit of trail running in Woodland Park. Overall, I was very pleased with this run. The only things that bothered me were the balls of my feet. Not sure what’s up with them.
  • Sunday: Go Seahawks!!

Total miles ran: 24.1

I’ve been pretty hungry lately and eating whatever I want (mostly more cheese and butter). I’ve gained about 2 pounds and I like to think that it’s all muscle but I’m sure it’s not but if it’s what’s giving me all this energy on my long runs then I’ll take it!

I also got a new pair of running shoes. They are the exact shoes I already have 2 pairs of (the first have 373 miles on them, the second have 131). Why change what’s working, right?

Week 3

  • Tuesday: 3.3 miles followed by Jillian Michaels (switched over to 10lb weights for most of the lifting)
  • Wednesday: 5.1 miles – notes: This was a midday run. I started at UW, made my way across the Montlake Bridge and up, up, up a hill then made my way back down to the University Bridge and did my last 2 miles on campus, weaving through annoyed students. It felt good to get a hill in there and I hit my goal pace (9:40).
  • Thursday: 3.1 miles followed by Jillian Michaels. notes: This was my first run w/ my new TomTom GPS watch. I couldn’t really figure out how to use it and I also got lost on a run I’ve done a million times. Night running kind of sucks.
  • Saturday: 6.3 miles  - notes: I ran up 66th from Lenora to Dayton, then up and over to Greenwood (186ft to 327ft in 6 minutes). I’m trying to get in longer, steeper hills so that I’m more prepared for the marathon. Even though I ran up very slowly I still felt like I needed to throw up when I got to the top. Bleh.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.59.46 AM

Total miles ran: 17.7

Next week will be my first double-digit long run in a long time. These next few weeks look pretty boring and do-able. Things get a little crazier in February.

Week 2

  • Tuesday: 3.2 miles (hills) followed by Jillian Michaels plus added squats and bridges
  • Wednesday: 5.5 miles – notes: I ran for about 5 minutes and noticed my watch didn’t have a signal so waited a ridiculous amount of time to find one and then restarted my 5 miler. My ankles and feet bugged me the entire run. Maybe it was the hills from Tuesday or possibly because I was running without arch supports.
  • Thursday: 3.1 miles followed by Jillian Michaels plus added squats and bridges
  • Saturday: 9.1 miles  - notes: for the past few months my Garmin 305 has spit out a low battery warning even on the shortest runs. I’ve ignored it because it’s continued to work for up to 1.5 more hours but it finally, for real, died around mile 7.5 of my long run. Time to get a new watch.
  • Sunday: Yoga for Runners (90 minutes) – notes: I’m so sore!

Total miles ran: 20.9


Speaking of total miles, I ran 818 miles in 2014. Best running year to date!

Week 1

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year! Week 1 of marathon training is in the books.

  • Tuesday: 3 horrible rainy miles in the dark after work followed by lunges, squats and planks at home
  • Wednesday: 5 miles at race pace (I took off early from work and ran home (exactly 5 miles!); nice and flat and fun)
  • Thursday: 3 easy miles on Christmas day
  • Saturday: 9 miles easy (I intended to do 8 but planned my route poorly; also got completely drenched halfway through due to un-forecasted downpour)
  • Sunday: Cross-training (90 minute hike on the South ridge of Carkeek Park)

A few thoughts and notes:

When I used to finish my long runs I’d always feel exhausted and relieved to be finished. Now, a 9 miler doesn’t really feel like anything and I often ask myself, could I run another 5? And the answer is definitely!

I had a wonky pain in my right tibia a few weeks ago and just to be extra cautious before I increased mileage I had the doctor look at it. An X-ray showed nothing and the sports medicine doctor had me do a jump test. He ruled out a stress fracture and I was instructed to stretch more, re-strengthen my left hip (the one that always requires physical therapy), and to roll out my calf muscles. I have been kind of lazy about foam-rolling but I realize that it’s what keeps me from getting injured so I’m trying to make it a habit again. I was really good about it this past summer and duh, no injuries!

In other news, The Boy turned 21 yesterday! He’s home for winter break for about a month. It’s nice to have the family all together again and it’s especially nice to see The Dot and The Boy hanging out together as pals.

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