NYC Marathon Training

Hey there! There isn’t much going on these days. We’re planning on spending a lot of money on our house in the near future (much needed repairs of neglected items). We’ve been doing lots of research about windows, exterior paint, landscaping, etc. I’ll post more on that later.

Now back to running! I finished my base building (averaging about 20 easy miles per week with one long run) and have started training for the New York City marathon (November 6th). My hamstring is still buggy and I am running slower than I ever have but I’m enjoying just being out there. I just realized that I’ve run all of 2016 with my Garmin set to only show overall distance, time and heart rate. I’m not sure if I’ll switch back to looking at pace. I guess I’ll need to when I start doing speed work…

My training plan is a 16 week plan from Runner’s World. It’s a pretty easy plan with the goal to get me to the start line healthy and get me to the finish line, hopefully still healthy. It’s not an ambitious plan and I don’t have any goals for a PR or any specific finish time, really.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.50.17 AM

Week 1 was super easy (sort of) because it was just the same routine I’ve been doing all summer. The only real change came on Thursday (a hillier route).

Mileage: 20

Total elevation: 755ft

Other: Iron Strength workout – 1 hour

*About that Iron Strength workout… The one issue I had was not respecting the difficulty of this particular workout. I decided to do it on Friday (the day after my hill day) and I went at it with gusto. Well, gusto for about 15 minutes, that is. Then I fell apart. It was a huge mistake to attempt jumping lunges. Huge. I barely managed to do 3 burpees at the end. You know you’re going to be sore when you can’t even walk downstairs 2 minutes after completing a workout. My Saturday and Sunday runs were a slog (I think I had a few < 13 minute miles). My right quad took about 5 days to fully recover.

For Week 2, I started what I hope to be a regular Tuesday routine. Running commute (one-way; I’ll bus in in the morning). I live 5 miles from work so the Tuesday easy run fits in with this perfectly. I got a Gregory Maya 10 pack which can hold up to 15lbs of gear but I was able to keep it down to 5lbs with a small water bottle and a change of clothes. It was pretty hot the day I ran home and I also read my training plan wrong and only ran 4 (and walked the last mile) but overall I had a good run. The pack felt great! I also moved the Iron Strength workout day to Tuesday since I’ll be home early enough that I can get the workout done and still have plenty of time to make dinner and relax.

Awkward selfie with the new commuter pack

For my 2nd attempt at the Iron Strength workout I took it a lot easier. I cut back on plyometric jump squats and did all the lunges static. I was able to finish 20 ugly burpees this time and only my abs (from side-planks) felt sore the next day.

Mileage: 23

Total elevation: 902ft

Other: Iron Strength workout – 45 minutes

I have mixed feelings about my 3rd marathon attempt. I’m going into it injured and slower than ever. I’m not very optimistic about how I’m going to feel when I start doing longer runs and I’m even less optimistic about finishing the marathon without having another hip or IT band issue. On the other hand, I’m kind of looking forward to not shooting for any special time. Allowing myself to walk and have a lot of fun might be exactly what I need this time around. Of course, I need to be realistic and bow out if it’s too much for my body to handle right now. I can always defer to 2017 and run “with” Robert.