Training Progress (and Oregon Shenanigans)

Just an update on how marathon training is going. In my last entry I recapped weeks 1 and 2. Here are weeks 3-7ish.

Week 3:

Mileage: 25, Elevation: 1129ft, Iron Strength workout: 1 hour


I tried out some Nike Flex RNs but they are a no go. Neuroma fail. But they make excellent walking shoes. They’ll serve as my walking commute shoes until the rains come in.

Week 4:

Mileage: 23, Elevation 837ft, IS workout: 1 hour


I had a lot of fun doing hill repeats and my hamstring was okay with them. 4x60s repeats at 5K pace (whatever that is). I ended up with 9:30,8:49,9:25,9:29. It felt good to finally do something “fast” and hilly at the same time, even if for just 60 seconds.

Week 5:

Mileage: 27, Elevation 915ft, IS workout: 1 hour


I did my first early morning run due to heat. 6x60s hill repeats (9:43,9:36,9:44,10:03,9:38,9:03).

Beautiful moon as the sun rose:


I had a horrible Iron Strength workout. It was too hot to workout in my bedroom so I worked out in the basement office. Turns out a shag rug full of cat hairs is not a good place to put a sweaty body. Gross.

Week 6:

Mileage: 30, Elevation: 1083ft, IS workout: 45 minutes


Another early morning run. 8x60s hill repeats (9:38,9:35,9:32,9:30,8:57,9:25,9:25,9:19).

Half-assedly did my Iron Strengh workout. Not feeling the love for burpees (but I did manage 6 real pushups and 2 full sets of jumping lunges).

Hit 500 miles on my first pair of trusty Altra Ones (I really want to retire them but my other Altra Ones bug my neuroma so I ordered new One 2.5s to see how they work out).

Week 7:

Milage: 33, Elevation 476ft, IS workout: NOPE


Deep tissue massage the day after a 14 miler, focusing on my left hamstring (and the other muscles going down my leg that it’s making angry). OH YEAH. Nothing more to say about it except it was magical and the rest of my runs that week were on point.

Tried out my new Altra One 2.5s for just .8 miles. They felt great and no neuroma pain but I didn’t run long enough to feel fully confident in them yet. Will put them to the test this weekend while I stay close to home (in case I need an emergency shoe change).

Vespa doesn’t need no stinking shoes.

Started track work. 10x400m repeats with 200m recovery. These felt easy and smooth. The plan called for 5K pace. My recent 5K PR pace is 8:05 but that was pre-hamstring-injury-plus-the-major-slow-o-rama-of-2016 so I shot for 8:30-8:45. They felt just right (9:03,8:59,8:35,8:39,8:43,8:43,8:47,8:35,8:27,8:27).

I ran at elevation in Bend, including the Sunriver Half Marathon. I definitely didn’t race it (finished in a humble 2:18) and felt pretty good despite having to continue on for another 3 miles. Had a post race beer and recovered quickly.


Bob didn’t run the race but he did show off by finishing 20 miles before my 16 and then drank my race beer (I gave him permission and he bought me one when I *FINALLY* finished).

Week 8: in progress


I ran for the first time in Portland!! (if I don’t count the Rock n Roll Half and the Portland Marathon). The path along the Willamette is really nice and I love the Steel Bridge crossing. I have to do 16 miles there next month while Robert runs the Portland Marathon. I might just circle over the Steel and Hawthorne Bridges about 5 times.

I had another speed workout this morning and it wasn’t good at all (except I saw a really cute cat and we made eye contact. love.). I’ve only foam rolled twice in the last 7 days and my left hamstring felt like it was half the length of my right when I got up this morning. I should have stretched it out but I was too busy trying to program in my workout and sync it with my watch (I was too lazy/busy last night to worry about such things). I cracked up when my watched beeped at me for my first interval. “Run 497.xx miles…” It turns out that I had typed in 800km instead of 800m. Oops. Nothing a cute little LAP button can’t fix. Goal pace was 10K. No idea what that is so I guessed and picked 9:00-9:10. Not even close. I ended up averaging 9:30 pace. For people who know what Yasso 800s are here are my times: 5:05,4:59,4:57,4:55,4:54,4:52. Not good! That equates to about a 5 hour marathon. Boo! I have a few more Yassos to do before the marathon. Let’s see if better foam rolling and more rest will make it easier for me to put some power into my legs.

Coming up: This week is an easy step back week (about 28-29 miles total) followed up by another build-up week (and another scheduled deep tissue massage. Ahhhhh.)

I run for beer.