NYC Marathon – Time to Run!

For previous training recaps: weeks 1-2 are here, weeks 3-7 are here, weeks 8-11 are here, and weeks 12-14 are here.

Week 15:

Tuesday: 5.1 miles easy commute home (11:34 pace, 142 bpm)

Wednesday: Iron Strength workout

Thursday: 10x400m w/ 200m recovery (pace: 8:43,8:19,8:43,8:31,8:15,8:07,8:15,7:47,8:07,8:27) + Jasyoga glutes and recovery boost

Saturday: 4.5 miles easy (11:50 pace, 141 bpm)

Sunday: 10 miles (11:07 pace, 152 bpm)

Total Mileage: 25.3

Total Elevation: 965ft


I feel super recovered to the point where I really have to convince myself to do any foam rolling or stretches. I am ready to roll!

For speedwork Thursday I felt great despite rain and puddles and the intervals flew by. By the last one I was pumping my fists. “Yasssss!” Just one more tiny speed workout to go this Thursday! (Speedwork 3 days before a marathon, you say? This is new to me; I haven’t done any speedwork beyond tempos in previous marathon training cycles, especially during the week of the marathon.)

For my long run, I added in a late, long-ish hill (3.5-4% grade) to mimic mile 24 of the marathon and kept it easy. I felt light on my feet and my hamstring stayed happy. 10 miles doesn’t seem like a long run at this point in training. 🙂

I also made my final shoe decision. I bought a new pair of Paradigm 1.5s. I already have 2 pair. One pair (size 8) has over 300 miles on them and I love them but I have lost a few toenails in them because they run a little small (and I forget to trim my toenails). My other pair (size 8.5) has just over 200 miles on them and I had planned on wearing them but I noticed during my first 20 miler that my feet really hurt towards the end of the run and I think it’s because they’re actually too big. In the end, I didn’t want to wear a shoe with >300 miles and I didn’t want shoes that would hurt my feet so new shoes for me. And I will trim my toenails.

New shoes! Altra Paradigm 1.5 – size 8

I tested out my racing outfit during my long run:

Race clothes. Half Buff (for neck sweat, eww), Under Armor tank, Oiselle shorts, Pearl Izumi arm sleeves. Also: Seahawks hat and Altra Paradigm 1.5s. (Note to self: suck in the stomach.)

For my test run, I was kind of cold in this gear but it wasn’t the temp (52 degrees when I left the house), but a chilly wind that was the issue. By the last few miles my hands were pretty numb. The forecast for race day keeps changing but as of today it’s supposed to get up to 57 degrees, partly sunny, with relatively minor wind (so glad I train in harsh-ish weather so I’m used to it). I plan on sticking with the clothing plan (perhaps ditching the arm sleeves) and I’ll probably keep throwaway gloves on for a few miles since I’m sure it’ll be chilly at the start and for the first few miles.

Week 16:


Tuesday: 5 easy + Iron Strength Workout

Thursday: 6x400m repeats

Saturday: 3 miles easy in NYC

Sunday: RACE!

Final details, pre-race:

We arrive in NYC Friday night and I made dinner reservations at Fraunces Tavern to enjoy my last (or second to the last…) beer, and to have a decent, carby meal (chicken pot pie). On Saturday, after a quick shake-out run, we’ll hit the expo and then fetch my go-to pre-race dinner: Whole Foods deli (rice, potatoes, chicken) + Gatorade.

On Sunday morning I plan on catching the Staten Island Ferry around 8am (which means I don’t have to get up until 7 or so since our hotel is a 4 minute walk from the ferry; much better than the usual 4-5am wake time for other races). Robert’s going to take the ferry with me and then take off when I get to the buses on the island that will take me to Athlete’s Village. If I time it right I shouldn’t have to wait very long (hopefully around 1 hour and not more than 2 hours) to get started. Plenty of time to fetch a little more coffee and nutrition and use the porta potties like 4 times.

My start time is 11am EST and I’m in the very last corral of Orange wave 4, so if you happen to be watching ESPN2 and they are still broadcasting that late (heh, probably not, except for at the finish) look for the runners on the top of the bridge, on the left side overlooking Manhattan. I’ll be there. And hopefully in less than 5 hours I’ll be in Central Park!


There are a lot of videos about the NYC marathon. Last weekend Robert and I watched Run for Your Life and I got chills. Basically, all marathon documentaries and videos are giving me chills. (And kind of freaking me out.)

Here’s just a tidbit of what I hope to experience:

ING New York City Marathon 2011 from Philip von During on Vimeo