New things

New thing #1:

One glass of red wine a day. It’s part of my Mediterranean diet and I feel fantastic.

New thing #2:

Starting training for a 5K (instead of a marathon!). So fun! So ready to get started. BAA 5K, here I come!

New thing #3:

Intellectual lectures? Why yes. The Boy and I are going to a UW lecture tomorrow night titled “Beyond and Within the Cuban Revolution” (part of the Worlds Turned Upside Down: Five Revolutions That Shaped our Times). 

New thing #4:

A new kitchen. We are just starting the design phase of a major kitchen remodel. Daunting and scary and stressful but equally exciting. Getting to customize a kitchen for my cooking/entertaining style is going to be a once in a lifetime experience. We are really hoping to make our kitchen/dining nook more of a gathering place for family and friends (which also goes along with the Mediterranean diet’s “enjoy meals with family and friends” concept).

chicken wontons – cooking is life

New thing #5:

Trail “running” – as in, I’ve got my running gear on and I’m attempting to move faster than a power walk on muddy trails at Carkeek Park. I’m trying to toss in non road-terrain at least once a week just to perk up dormant leg/feet muscles. Feeling good.

Running the trails with my Altra Superiors (which hold up for about 3 miles before my neuroma flares up so I see a new pair of cushiony trail shoes in my future)

New thing #6:

New age. I turn 48 next Monday. Despite having a few annoying perimenopause symptoms, I am happier than ever with the age I am and the stage of life I’m at. Freedom to do what I want when I want it.  Structure and balance. Which is why it’s time to toss in some new things, I think.